2021 Pedcor Homes Managers Conference

Pedcor Homes Corporation hosted their 2021 Managers Conference at The Hotel Carmichael in Carmel, Indiana. It was a week full of many team-building activities and inspirational presentations. Learn more about the conference by reading below.

What is the 2021 Pedcor Homes Managers Conference?

All of our Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors were invited to attend the Conference. The Managers Conferences have been held each year for over 15 years, with the exception of 2020. This was the first year we have included the Maintenance Supervisors.  The conference’s purpose is to show our appreciation for the dedication and work each team member has contributed to the success and continued growth of Pedcor Homes.  Not only is the conference informative, we feel it is important to include fun team-building activities which allow attendees to form stronger relationships with each other.  With 37 apartment communities, we had over 50 employees opt to attend our conference this year.

Conference Week

The week was filled with excitement. Our team members arrived Monday and checked in to The Hotel Carmichael in Carmel, Indiana which is adjacent to our corporate campus. We kicked off the conference Tuesday morning with presentations from Rick McCool, Executive Vice President & CEO of Pedcor Homes Corporation; Bruce Cordingley, President & CEO of Pedcor Companies; Kathleen Lara, Executive Director at Inclusitivity Institute; and Jimia Smith, Vice President & Marketing Director at Carmel City Center. The Inclusivity Institute is “a nonprofit organization founded in April 2019 and uses research, outreach, and collaboration to reduce racial and economic segregation in American housing markets” which was founded by Pedcor Companies President & CEO, Bruce Cordingley. Next up was our guest speaker Amanda Maclin, President of Strategic Growth at Landing.  Amanda addressed the challenges we have faced during Covid and how we found the need to adapt our business models accordingly.  She quickly and continuously engaged everyone in team-building activities.  “Getting to Know You” was an activity that involved pairing up with someone who then opened a sealed envelope to reveal a random question which they answered in a three-minute “interview”.  Amanda then went around to every person to hear what they learned about the other person. The results were sometimes humorous and sometimes deep and insightful.  “The Marshmallow Challenge” involved teams building the tallest structure they could using only 20 pieces of spaghetti and masking tape.  The structure had to support the weight of a single, jumbo marshmallow placed at the top.  The winning structure was 27.25” tall.  Coincidentally, the day ended with everyone attending a dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Carmel City Center.

The following day included a tour of the five buildings on our corporate campus and tours of Carmel City Center shops and our apartments – The Residences at Carmel City Center, The Residences at The Playfair, and The Kent at Carmel City Center. Once the tour concluded, a motorcoach transported our team members to Top Golf to indulge in some “golfing” and a buffet lunch.

On Thursday, the Property Managers and maintenance teams split off. The Property Managers had a round table Q&A session with our department heads. The maintenance teams traveled to attend an information and training session at a local Sherwin Williams store. Sherwin Williams was one of two Platinum Sponsors of our conference.  Several of our Conference sponsors joined us for lunch followed by a Vendor Showcase which was set up like a mini trade show.  Thursday evening, the conference concluded with a private dinner and cabaret show in Feinstein’s Supper Club, located in The Hotel Carmichael.  

Every employee enjoyed a week full of entertainment, training, company education, and much more. We appreciate each person that made the conference happen. Our Executive Vice President & CEO of Pedcor Homes Corporation, Rick McCool stated “this year’s conference was likely the best one we’ve held.  Everyone appeared to enjoy the experience and it was great to see the attendees interacting, having fun, and building comradery.  For many, especially the teams from our newly acquired properties, it was the first time to see Carmel City Center and the Pedcor Campus and get a feel for how large their Pedcor family is.”

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