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Cultivating thriving communities.

We are a full-service development, construction, property management, banking and finance team committed to creating stable, inclusive, and quality rental housing across the nation.

Pedcor abstract illustration
The retreat on washington
The Retreat on Washington | Indianapolis, IN

We believe affordable housing should be readily available to everyone.

When full-time minimum wage workers aren’t able to afford a two-bedroom rental apartment anywhere in the U.S. – it’s a national housing crisis.

Cost-burdened renters are essential workers, young professionals, seniors, those living off a fixed-income, and families who are paying up to half their income toward housing. Today, demand for quality affordable housing in convenient locations consistently exceeds supply. 

Pedcor strives to put an end to this crisis. We provide options for a variety of income levels, with a goal to right-size the housing budget for millions of individuals and families to promote a higher quality of life.

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Built to the Pedcor Standard

We meet every national, state, and local code, then go above and beyond to give our residents the quality, functional, comfortable living spaces they deserve.

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Managed with Care

We’re long-term owners. Our properties are actively managed with a talented, passionate on-site team to effectively serve our residents and maintain communication with Pedcor partners.

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Affordable for All

We have housing products for all income types. At the root of it all is affordability, so each resident can save for future financial success.








Apartment Units

Changing lives in new communities each year.

Our developments have been improving quality of life for our residents for more than three decades across the nation.

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Opens in new tabGreyStone | Noblesville, IN

Fountain at GreyStone of Noblesville
Outside GreyStone of Noblesville
Pool at GreyStone of Noblesville

Pedcor properties are built from the ground up with the comfort of our residents in mind. Since 1987, Pedcor’s apartments have been home to over 100,000 households!

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Opens in new tabRetreat on Washington | Indianapolis, IN

Retreat on Washington
Garden at Retreat on Washington

Pedcor properties are built from the ground up with the comfort of our residents in mind. Since 1987, Pedcor has housed over 100,000 households!

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Affordable housing development is complicative and challenging and Pedcor does it right.  Their focus on providing quality affordable housing while improving communities shines through from the minute you visit one of their properties.

– John Lisella, U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation

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